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Now everybody can virtually be The Famous San Diego Chicken!

A new, hi-tech app features The Chicken as a talking avatar for smart phone users. It tracks their own voice and facial expressions through a revolutionary 3D animation to deliver unique messages as the famous fowl. It’s wild!

For only 99¢, download it from to razz friends when your team wins. Send it to announce a party. Maybe even ask that special someone for a date. Anything goes because it’s perfect in messaging fun to all. They’ll be amazed it’s YOU as The Chicken on their own screen---delivered to a PC, text or iPad, too!

Pocket Avatars, a division of Intel®, has several other characters to choose from, but The Famous Chicken is their first sports celebrity---quite an honor! Get started now and rock your friends with laughs.


The San Diego Chicken takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a unique twist...




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